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Welcome to the next step in your journey of growth, and achievement! 

Are you ready to take yourself, your business, or team to the next level? 


What if you could...

  • Make TIME work in your favor?

  • GROW your team with "right fit" people and develop them into next gen leaders in your organization?

  • CONNECT & COMMUNICATE with more ease in your leading, coaching and selling... resulting in a bigger impact to both those you lead, and your bottom line?

  • DOUBLE your individual or team sales in the next 12 months? 


Would that make a difference in your life and the lives of those you lead and serve?


"Welcome to Shelly Bays Training and Coaching - Unlocking Potential for Lasting Success!"

Are you ready to unlock your personal and business potential? With Shelly Bays, you can benefit from over 35 years of experience in entrepreneurship, sales leadership, and business ownership. Through her challenging and empowering approach to self-leadership, communicating to connect, and building strong and highly effective teams, Shelly can equip you with the tools you need to scale your business and equip you for success as you continue to grow.

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Claudia C, Founder Bota-Nanny

Shelly helped me balance my work load by setting priority goals for the business while integrating my life's needs.  I've found a balance for self care AND I'm successfully moving the business needle forward in ways I had never imagined.


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

  • Available Online
    Gain clarity around what personal development would be most beneficial...

    30 min
  • You have to Know yourself to Grow yourself!

    15 min
    59 US dollars
  • Debrief with a certified DISC Consultant to make the most of your asse...

    1 hr
    149 US dollars


My name is Shelly Bays

Hello! I'm Shelly Bays and I'm here to help you make a bigger impact in your life and business. As a coach and trainer, I specialize in transformation and creating a "Zone of Greatness". My passion is to work with my clients to help them achieve their goals and to be an accountability partner and guide in their individual journey.

I'm an experienced and successful entrepreneur, business owner and sales leader and I'm passionate about helping my clients create a life by design that is authentic to them. With my knowledge and expertise, I'm committed to helping you reach your goals and dreams. Let's start the journey together and get ready to unlock your true potential!

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Lafayette, IN 47909


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