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Welcome to the next step in your journey of growth, achievement, and increasing your sales!

Double your sales in 2023!

Are you ready to take your business, sales career or sales team to the next level? 

What if you could DOUBLE your individual or team sales in 2023?  Would that make a difference in your life and the lives of those you lead?

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What I Do

Helping you to grow into the Business Owner, Sales Professional and Leader you know you are designed to be!

With over 35 years experience as an Entrepreneur, Sales Professional, Sales Organization Leader and Field Trainer for my own businesses and in a Fortune 100 company, I am now focused on Sales and Leadership Coaching and Training for those who want to create a sales based business and teams...and want to be wildly successful!

I have the knowledge, and experience that will help you to grow yourself and your business in new ways AND avoid the mistakes that I made in my own journey! 

Working with me you are working with someone who has walked the walk...not just talks the talk!  Real life experience, dealing with real world challenges and opportunities.

My passion is for challenging and equipping you to be more successful, communicate and connect at deeper levels, feel more fulfilled and avoid "imposter syndrome" feelings when you increase into higher levels of leadership, business growth and sales.

And to have fun while doing it! 

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What I believe...

Everything Starts With Intention...And Happens With Action...

Starting or growing a business is exciting! Right?

However, continuing to do what got you here...won't take you to where you want to go next.  If you want to double your sales in 2023, you will have to do some things differently.

You can never outperform your self belief.  The first and most critical step to doubling your sales in 2023 is to examine what you believe about yourself...and if your beliefs don't support you... let's change them to the TRUTH of who you really are, and what is possible...what you and your team can achieve!  Working on your mindset while developing your action plans will allow you to take quantum leaps in your personal and business growth.

I believe that every person has the capacity to be a great leader, to be wildly successful... to make a bold difference in their lives, the lives of others, their community and the global community by bringing your unique gifts, talents, strengths and abilities to the market.  We do this by living out a growth mindset. Every. Single. Day.  

Finally, I believe that "intention" without consistent, strategic, reflective action is really a daydream.  

I know you want more.  More from and for yourself, more from your business, and more for your life... just like I do!

So often we look into the future and it feels overwhelming to get to where we want to go... it doesn't have to be that way!  

I found and created ways to make "more" happen!  AND I didn't burn myself out doing it!  You CAN have it all!  YES...YOU! Why not you?  And that is what I want to share with you...the strategies, processes, and personal development that allowed me to create the business and life that I wanted...through all the ups, downs, and detours, because that's part of the journey!  

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Personal Development

Put Your Own Mask On First...

If you have ever travelled on an airline, you may remember the flight attendant's safety briefing.  If the air masks' are deployed, we are instructed to put on our own mask first before helping others.  Why?  Because we can't help other people if we don't have the oxygen ourselves to think and act...and live.

Personal development is like the air mask; we need to grow ourselves first before we can really help others.

Let's schedule a time to chat about what YOU want to achieve next!

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You Can Achieve More Than You Think...

We cannot outperform our beliefs about ourselves...

When is the last time that you questioned or challenged the things you say to yourself in your head?

Do you know WHY you believe the things that you do? Have you ever taken the time to investigate the source and validity of the things that you tell yourself?  Are they really true, or something you "accepted" as truth that someone else said or told you? 

Mindset is something that we can control, but we first have to understand what we believe and why.  If we want to achieve more, be more and do more... if we want to live a life of success and significance, we have to BELIEVE certain things about ourselves...that we are WORTHY of success is just one of them.

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Working With Me...

This is where we start...

When you work with me either 1-1 in a  coaching relationship, through one of my group coaching programs, or in one of my online is where we start:

Step 1: Getting really clear on exactly what you want your business and your life to look and feel like in one year, three, five years and more. Using vision boards, future writing, creative exercises, business plans, strategic planning and coaching all to help you to gain the clarity you need for step 2.

Step 2: Forming simple, repeatable, individualized daily plans of action, using time management to maximize your day and benefit from setting micro and longer term goals that you are excited to dive into, working on yourself at the same time as you are working on your business.  We work on both at the same time because we don't wait for perfection or knowing "enough". We know that we will grow into the leader we want to be as we go... on a daily basis!  Progress over perfection!

Step 3: Putting into action your NEW plans made with NEW information and NEW strategies to propel you forward for growth that is UNSTOPPABLE!  And the accountability of individual and group coaching is what will keep you on track, and further accelerate growth for you and your business!

Step 4:  The uncomfortable becomes comfortable, setting you up for the next cycle of achievement and success! Through daily actions, ongoing coaching and accountability, we keep you out of the "imposter syndrome zone" (aka self-sabotage) and maintaining your FOCUS when the things you envisioned start happening fast! 

Don't wait...schedule a clarity session today!

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent van Gogh

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Lafayette, IN 47909


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